Sunny McBain is smart, sassy, and uniquely observant. She is also legally blind. However, Sunny has the wonderful gift to “see” an individual’s colors, which she uses to interpret their emotions. Her discovery of the body of someone dear to her, throws Sunny into the midst of a murder investigation. In collaboration with a terrific cast of family and friends, she uses her keen perception and deductive skills to catch the killer.
All readers will enjoy “Fuzzy Visions.” I can’t wait for the next Sunny McBain Mystery!

- Sunny McBain is Terrific!


Sunny McBain is the new Nancy Drew! If you loved Nancy, you will love Sunny. She is a unique version, though–legally blind, outspoken, frank. The plot is entertaining and intriguing. Clues are not obvious and the reader figures the mystery out at the same pace as Sunny. Readers will want to be adopted by Sunny’s parents and be best friends with the “Three Muskateers.

- Love Nancy Drew? You’ll Love Sunny McBain